The girl you are searching for, Johanka, resides inside the monastery it self.

while you enter, you’ll realize that a lot of people aren’t pleased to see you trespassing, as well as the internal cloister regarding the right is strictly forbidden.

You will find Johanka in a medical ward simply towards the left for the redstone abbey that’s under construction.

Johanka will undoubtedly be very happy to see you, nevertheless the reunion is temporary as Henry provides news of this plague. She thinks Brother Nicodemus can assist, the regional doctor – however they curently have their fingers complete aided by the wounded who survived the Skalitz massacre.

You are able to provide to greatly help and begin on another part quest to help make things better – or else you can frequently find Nicodemus within the room that is next the alchemy table.

Communicate with him concerning the plague, and you’ll need certainly to accurately convey what’s taking place – ideally you examined in on every person and got facts about the condition in Merhojed. Tell Nicodemus that half the city is ill, and all sorts of the pets are dead. He’ll cause you to his publications to obtain the issue.

You’ll need a good reading ability to forge yours course right here, as Nicodemus searches aimlessly for the guide – you will find it in the lectern towards the left of this desk because of the bookcase.

The book is called Brevarium de Signis Causis, and describes the way the more than one of several four humors can result in infection. An excessive amount of mucus could cause diptheria – nonetheless it does not infect pets. An excessive amount of waplog entrar directo black colored bile causes the plague – nonetheless it doesn’t impact tiny pets.

Continue reading to locate a section on poisoning, which whilst not transmitted between people and beasts, can all become inflicted from a contaminated source – aided by the animals dying sooner. That heard this before!

Inform Nicodemus you’ve fixed the riddle, and so it’s poisoning from tainted water. In making medicine – and leave to use his alchemy table – and his rack of ingredients to the left of the alchemy station if you have a decent alchemy skill, you can assist him!

To organize the treatment, you’ll need Charcoal, Valerian, and 2 Thistle. Place some water into the cauldron and follow these steps as most readily useful you can easily:

  • Drop the 2 thistle into the cauldron after which set the bellows through to the water boils, keep it boiling for just two turns associated with sandglass.
  • After the two turns, include the valerian in to the cauldron and boil for starters more change associated with the sandglass.
  • Leave the bellows and hold back until the mixture prevents boiling, and also the fire is out, permitting the potion cool.
  • Finally, include the charcoal towards the charcoal, usually do not Boil, and alternatively grab a phial to perform the recipe!

Once you’ve the potion prepared, drive to Merhojed where Nicodemus and Johanka will currently be maintaining the unwell. You’ll find that is likely in Straw’s household, and he’ll split up the medication for you really to share with Melichar’s household additionally the other people.

He’ll additionally inform you they won’t allow him go close to the prisoner – in addition they want to let him perish. You’ll want to do one thing about this if you prefer the responses you look for. First, supply the antidote to Bedrishka, Daniel, and Vincent.

When they are feeling better, talk with Melichar. He’ll be overjoyed along with your assistance – just because they will haven’t fully healed yet.

You’ll tell Melichar whom he must be thankful for, and he’ll start up the shed to allow you administer the remedy towards the bandit. Now comes the minute of truth!

After an hour or two, that it was water poisoning, the bandit will be back in the land of the living and ready for questioning if you made the correct assumption. He won’t also argue the idea, being the sensible bandit that he could be.

Interrogate him and you’ll learn the mystical “Chief” is calling the shots, a foreigner with nobility in the veins and lots of coin. Regrettably, details are sparse – but that he was given the forged money by a man named Menhart if you ask about the forgeries, he’ll tell you. The bandit had been likely to speak to this shady man quickly – that can be used to your benefit.

The bandit even offers a letter he had been provided to decide to try Menhart through the Chief – another clue that is big may use for the best. When you complete interrogating him, he’ll plead for mercy and a fast death – instead of being interrogated because of the executioner anew. It is your decision if you’d like to place in a word that is good but first you’ll have actually to manage Straw.

Straw will burst in trying to find bloodstream, and you will either allow him have the bandit to destroy, or talk him down.

He’s got without any message ability to fit your own so that it shouldn’t be difficult to get the method, and make the prisoner back into Rattay with you. Talk to the bandit to immediately quick travel right back to the dungeons underneath the Rathaus in Rattay.

Utilizing the bandit locked away, it is time for you to inform Sir Radzig everything you’ve discovered.

You’ll find him up at Talmberg at a camp involving the castle and Merhojed, overlooking Talmberg.

Simply tell him that which you learned – either from your own interrogation or perhaps the page, whichever you’re in a position to get.

Radzig will show their appreciation for the capability, and give you either to intercept Menhart, or find this German knight in Sasau – in the next task.

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