【Technical Field】

[0001] The present invention relates to the technical field of beverages and foods, in particular to a coffee for improving and enhancing male functions and a preparation method thereof.

【Background technique】

[0002] In modern society, the fast-paced and stressful life, diet and drug reasons, drinking and smoking, lack of physical exercise, living environment pollution, etc. cause a lot of male function decline, endurance endurance decline, physical weakness, hyperhidrosis, etc. In view of the above situation, there are many medicines and health products for this treatment on the market, but mainly tablets and capsules, which are not obvious in curative effect, and some have side effects, physical discomfort, and even physical damage.

[Content of the invention]

[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a coffee drink for men that resists fatigue, enhances male function, nourishes the kidney, nourishes deficiency, nourishes the spirit, replenishes energy, enhances libido, and strengthens the body.

[0004] The solution adopted by the present invention to solve the above-mentioned problems is to prepare a male coffee drink, which is characterized by using freeze-dried instant coffee, okra (tononic kidney), erythritol, non-dairy creamer, coffee brown sugar For raw materials.

[0005] His components (weight) are:

[0006] Freeze-dried instant coffee: 515%

[0007] Okra (tonifying kidney grass): 3-10%

[0008] Erythritol: 5-10%

[0009] Non-dairy creamer: 20-30%

[0010] Coffee brown sugar: 20-40%

[0011] The method of making coffee for men is characterized in that freeze-dried instant coffee, okra (tonic kidney grass), erythritol, non-dairy creamer, and coffee brown sugar are fully mixed in a three-dimensional mixer according to a certain ratio, and then fully automatic packaging Machine packaging.

[0012] The okra (tononic grass) aliases in the components of the present invention: ashwagandha, okra, lamb bean, tonifying grass, plant Viagra, coffee okra, etc., are annual herbs of the genus okra of the Malvaceae family. Native to Africa, it is rich in vitamins and trace elements, and its protein is comparable to soybeans. It has high nutritional and medicinal value and is an excellent nourishing and aphrodisiac. “Zhonghua Yaohai” states: “Its roots, leaves, bitter cold, enter the kidney and bladder through the second meridian aphrodisiac.” “Tang Materia Medica” records: “Indications of kidney impotence, frequent urination, waist and knee weakness, muscle pain.” “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Men have no yang and no children, and women have no yin and no children. The elderly are stubborn, middle-aged and old are forgetful, and all are cold and tired. The muscles and bones are anxious, the limbs are insensitive, the waist and knees are repaired, and the heart is strengthened.” According to modern medical testing, the Vegetables have obvious biological activity of active gonads, allowing nerve cells to secrete nitric oxide, which can penetrate the corpus cavernosum vascular smooth muscle cells through diffusion, thereby enabling men to obtain and maintain penile erections, nourish and enhance sexual function. In recent years, people’s experience after eating: cooking sprouts and flowers, skin care and beauty; seeds are fried and ground into powder, which can be used as a substitute for coffee, or after being fried, mixed with rice, wheat, millet, corn, etc., and ground into powder for cooking Or steamed food is a health care and tonic; the roots are dried and used as medicine, soaked in wine or tea to nourish the kidney and yang: tender fruit pods (4-10 days after flowering, 6-9 cm long tender fruit pods), rich in vitamins A, B, C and trace elements such as iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. The tender pod has tender meat and contains a kind of viscous sugar white, which can protect the intestines, stomach, liver and skin and mucous membranes, and can treat gastritis, gastric ulcers and The function of hemorrhoids. The tender fruit pods can be fried, boiled in soup, cold dressing, pickled kimchi, etc., which are male impotence

3 Nourishing dishes are also medicinal dishes for strengthening the kidneys of middle-aged and elderly people. For patients with kidney deficiency, generally do not need to see a doctor for medicine, but only need to take a period of Bushen Grass will naturally heal, and the effect is magical, without any side effects. Regular consumption can nourish the kidney, nourish deficiency, nourish the spirit, replenish strength, enhance libido, and strengthen the body. “Shanghai Science and Technology News” reported on February 18, 2004: “Bushen grass is very popular in Japan. It is known as the national dish in the Philippines. It is the first choice for athletes in Africa and other countries. Europeans and Americans have plants for it. It is called ginseng. This dish is in short supply in Hong Kong, Taiwan and some areas in southern China.”

[0013] The freeze-dried instant coffee in the composition of the present invention adopts the same processing method as the space astronaut food, so that the coffee aroma and all the beneficial ingredients are all retained. Researchers from the University of Michigan in the United States found that after drinking coffee, the human body can refresh the brain, invigorate the mind, improve physical fatigue, improve the body’s ability to feel and respond to sexual stimulation, and is particularly impressed by the sexual pleasure produced by sex. The excitement of coffee will increase sexual excitement, increase libido, and increase the number of orgasms. Therefore, regular consumption of coffee in moderation can enhance and improve libido, which is beneficial to sexual function. Men who often drink coffee can actually play the role of natural Viagra.

[0014] The erythritol in the component of the present invention is a zero-calorie natural sugar extracted from natural plants, which is very suitable for people with diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular people. Taking erythritol will not appear when taking xylitol. Diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.

[0015] The beneficial effects of the present invention are: it is purely natural, has a very good taste, and has a very obvious improvement effect on men’s functions. It is a health drink most suitable for men to drink.

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